When your kids start going to playgroup, kindergarten or school, they’ll proudly bring home their ‘masterpieces’ for Mom and Dad to admire.

A great way to encourage children to become interested in art is to find creative ways of displaying their paintings, drawings and crafts. This way, you’ll also be letting them know that you’re so proud of their accomplishments.

We have clever tips for showing off your children’s works of art, including some ideas for creating a permanent visual record of their work when you simply don’t have the space to store all those paint-spattered, buckled sheets of paper. (Yes, we know you appreciate their artistic efforts – you really do – but there is a limit to how many artworks you can keep during their busy childhood years!)

1) Hang them!
Hang the paintings in your child’s bedroom, in the kitchen, or in a passage where everyone can admire them. Some ideas for displaying pictures:

  • Attach a long length of string to the wall, fastened to a nail or hook at both ends. Use clothes pegs or ‘bulldog’ clamps to clip the pictures to the line.
  • Buy a large sheet of soft board from your hardware store, paint it in a bright colour and attach it to a wall to make a notice board. Use drawing pins to fasten the pictures to the board. Read our article for more tips about making a family notice board.
  • Stick the pictures directly to a wall using masking tape. To avoid damaging your paint finish, be sure to peel the masking tape gently and slowly away from the wall when you replace pictures.

2) Keep the display fresh
Whichever method you choose to display artwork, be sure to change the ‘exhibit’ regularly so it stays interesting. Tip: It’s a good idea to write your child’s name and the date on the back of each painting – this way, you can keep track of his or her progress as a budding artist.

3) Laminate pictures
It’s expensive to frame paintings, so we have a good tip for keeping them in tip-top condition: go to your local print shop and have them laminated in plastic. Laminated artworks will stay beautiful for years, and they can also be used as colourful placemats at the dinner table.

4) Take snaps!
If you simply don’t have the space to display or store all your child’s paintings, use your cell phone to take a picture of each artwork before you (very secretly) throw it in the bin. Even better, ask your little one to hold the pictures while you take photos. Get the pictures printed, then stick them into a photo album so you have a long-lasting record of your darling’s creativity!

Alternatively, you can create a special Facebook album for the artwork, or design a beautiful, shareable online ‘photo book’ using a free web service such as Cliptomize. When your children are adults, they will so appreciate looking back at these wonderful memories.

5) Cut them up
Some kids’ paintings are just too big to store indefinitely. Cut them into quarters and store them in a flip folder, or use them to make gorgeous colourful greeting cards, or for wrapping presents to send to grandparents and other relatives.

6) Exhibit them
At the end of every year, choose the best paintings and craft models, then set up your own mini art exhibition in your house or garden. How about asking your fellow Moms to contribute artwork by their own kids? A fine idea is to make a special occasion of this: provide some tasty snacks, ask your friends and relatives to attend, and then auction off the artworks at the end of the afternoon to raise funds for your favourite charity.

Did you find this article inspiring? Let us know by posting a comment below, or post a pic of your child’s masterpiece on our NutriDay Facebook page – we’d love to see it!