Kids’ mouths and teeth don’t seem to feel the cold in the same way adults’ do, and frozen goodies hold endless appeal, even in the depths of winter.

Here are our smart suggestions for whipping up tempting, healthy treats:

  • Buy a set of plastic ice-lolly moulds – you’ll find you use them again and again.

  • You can also make popsicles by freezing yoghurt, fruit purées and other liquids in empty yoghurt tubs, or small paper cups, or even little straight-sided glasses. Wait until the lollies are half frozen, then push wooden sticks deep into the mixture. Top tip: If you don’t have ice-cream sticks, use teaspoons, bowl-side down!

  • Try making two-tone yoghurt lollies. Half-fill your moulds with fruit yoghurt and freeze till solid. Now top up the moulds with a contrasting flavour, and freeze again. For a special surprise, pop a whole strawberry on top of the first layer.

  • Frozen bananas are nutritious and yummy, and the kids can help you make them. Trim the banana at one end, and push in a kebab stick, lengthways, to about the half-way mark. Tip a tub or two of NutriDay yoghurt onto a plate, and roll the bananas around in it. Now give them a nice crunchy coating of crumbled biscuits, or chopped nuts, or crushed cornflakes, or toasted coconut. Place in the freezer until hard. For a special treat, dip the frozen bananas in melted chocolate.

  • Make pretty, colourful ice cubes to encourage your child to drink plenty of water. To do this, add little sprigs of fresh mint or lemon balm (plus a few edible flowers or small berries) to ice-cube trays. Fill the trays with cold water and freeze.

  • How to make fruit ‘slushies’: finely slice soft fruit such as strawberries, mango, watermelon, kiwifruit and plums. Freeze in a metal bowl for a few hours, or until just frozen. Now place the fruit in a food processor and whizz until blended into a pale, icy slush. Serve in paper cups.

  • To make berry biscuit pops, crush up some biscuits and mix them with a little melted butter – enough to make them just stick together, as if you are making the base of a cheesecake. Line the bottoms of paper cups with a shallow layer of this crumb mixture, press down firmly and set aside. Now put frozen berries into a blender, whizz until they’re coarsely chopped, add an equal quantity of NutriDay yoghurt, and press the ‘pulse’ button a few times so the mixture is well blended but still slightly chunky. Divide between the paper cups, push in wooden sticks, and freeze until solid.

  • To make orange lollies, mix together equal quantities of tinned, frozen orange juice and NutriDay yoghurt. Add chunks of pineapple or fresh orange for extra chewy texture.

  • Drain the syrup from a tin peaches, pears or apricots, and place in a blender with the same quantity of plain yoghurt. Blend to a fine purée, sweeten with a little honey to taste, and freeze in lolly moulds.