Taking care of the environment is important to NutriDay, and we’ve come up with a great idea for educating kids about conserving Earth’s great oceans and all the beautiful and endangered creatures swimming around in them.

You’ll enjoy making these easy models with your child, and this is a good opportunity to start a conversation about how we must all make an effort to recycle, so everyone can look forward to a brighter future for generations to come.

We challenge all you Smart Moms to give NutriDay’s plastic tubs a second life by transforming them into sweet little sea creatures.  Read on to find out how…

What you’ll need:
  • For the penguin and whale: empty NutriDay tubs from a six-pack (wash them out first in hot soapy water, rinse, and allow to dry)
  • For the turtle and jellyfish: empty 150g NutriDay tubs, washed and dried
  • Glue. A good contact adhesive such as Bostik Clear is best
  • Paper and thin cardboard
  • Scissors, pencil and ruler
  • Acrylic or poster paints in green, blue, orange, white and black
  • A paint brush
  • A black permanent marker pen with a fairly fine tip
  • Plastic ‘googly’ eyes, which you can buy in any craft shop.  If you can’t find them, you can draw on the eyes using your permanent marker
  • For the jellyfish: clear polythene (the type you use for covering school books), plus blue cellophane and/or blue gift-wrapping ribbon
  • For the turtle: cotton earbuds, for painting on the spots
  • When you’re cutting out pairs of legs, fins or flippers, cut the shape using a double layer of cardboard, which will save time and ensure that both pieces are identical.
  • Spread several large sheets of newspaper on your table to make cleaning up easy.
  • You may need more than one coat of paint to cover the NutriDay tubs. Allow each coat to dry thoroughly before adding a second coat.
  • When you’re using contact glue, it’s best to apply a thin film to both surfaces. Leave to dry for a minute, until the glue is ‘tacky’, then firmly press the surfaces together.
  • You can also use superglue or a hot glue-gun to make these models, but these must only be handled by adults.
Bertie the Blue Whale
Blue whales are the biggest creatures ever to have lived on earth. The tongue of a blue whale can weigh as much as an elephant!  To find out more fun facts about blue whales, click here.  
  1. Draw a tail shape similar to the one in the picture on a piece of cardboard. The flat end of the tail should be the same width as one side of a NutriDay tub from a six-pack.
  2. Cut out the tail and apply a strip of glue to the flat end. Turn your NutriDay tub over and firmly press one side of the rim onto the glue, to attach the tail. Set aside to dry. Gently bend the end of the tail so it curls upwards.
  3. Mix a pale-blue colour using blue and white paint, and paint the outside of the tub and the top of the tail.  Place in the sun to dry.
  4. To make the water spout:
    • Cut out a square of white paper measuring 8 cm x 8 cm.
    • Now cut very thin strips, stopping 1 cm short of one side of the square, as if you are making a paper comb.
    • Roll the paper into a tight ‘cigar’, and fasten the edge of the paper with a dab of glue.
    • Add a slight curl to the strips by gently dragging them over the blade of a pair of scissors, in the same way you would make a ribbon curl. (Find out how to do this by clicking here.)
    • Stick the water spout to the top of the tub with a blob of glue and allow to dry.
  5. Cut out two fins (see picture) and glue them to the sides of the tub.
  6. Stick on the ‘googly’ eyes and, using a black permanent marker, draw on a mouth.
Philani the Penguin
Everyone loves penguins, with their sweet little flippers and the funny way they waddle along.These flightless aquatic birds are found on every continent in the Southern Hemisphere.  Find out more about penguins here.  
  1. First make the chest shape. Place your NutriDay tub bottom-side down on a piece of white paper, and draw around the base with a pencil.  Cut out this oval shape and set it aside.
  2. Paint the outside of the tub black and place in the sun to dry. At the same time, cut out two small cardboard flipper shapes, as shown in the picture, and paint them black.
  3. Cut out two claws – each with three toes, as shown in the photograph. Paint them orange (use a mixture of red and yellow paint if you don’t have orange).
  4. To make the beak, cut out a small diamond shape, fold it in half to make a triangle and paint it orange on both sides.
  5. To assemble your penguin, stick the flippers to the sides of the tub, and glue the claws on under its rim.  Glue the white oval to the front of the tub.  Spread glue on one side of the beak and stick it on.
  6. Finally, glue on the ‘googly’ eyes.
  Jemima the Jellyfish
Jellyfish are strange-looking creatures that look a bit like jelly umbrellas. They don’t have brains, but they do have plenty of trailing tentacles, which they use to stun and catch their prey.  Find out more about jellyfish here.  
  1. Paint the outside of a 150g NutriDay tub in a swirling mixture of pale blue and white, as shown in the picture. Place in the sun to dry.
  2. Stick two ‘googly’ eyes to the tub, and draw on a smiley mouth using a black permanent marker.
  3. To make the tentacles:
    • Cut out long strips of polythene (the type you use to cover books) and glue them to the inside rim of the tub.  Do the same with blue cellophane.
    • To add more tentacles, tear some blue gift-wrapping ribbon into thin strips.  Use the blade of a pair of scissors to curl the ribbon (see above) and stick them to the inside rim of the tub.
  4. Attach a thin strip of ribbon to the top of the tub with a big blob of contact glue, and allow it to dry thoroughly before hanging Jemima up.  Try hanging her in a breeze, so her tentacles flutter!
  Thuli the Turtle
y crafts_nutriday_turtle_2_top view
Beautiful, graceful sea turtles have been living on earth since the time of the dinosaurs. Six out of the world’s seven species of sea turtle are classified as endangered or threatened.  Learn more about turtles here.  
  1. Paint the outside of a 150g NutriDay tub green, and allow to dry.
  2. To make the head:
    • Take a piece of cardboard and fold it in half. Now cut out the head shape shown in the picture above, making sure that there’s a neck section about 1 cm long.
    • Glue the two pieces together, but leave the neck sections unattached. Fold these outwards to make two ‘tabs’.
    • Paint both sides of the head green and allow to dry.
    • Apply glue to the insides of the tabs and stick them firmly to the tub, as shown in the picture above right.
    • Stick a ‘googly’ eye on either side of the head, and draw on a mouth and a nostril.
  3. To make the flippers and tail, cut out the shapes shown in the picture, using a double layer of cardboard for the two pairs of flippers.  Paint all the shapes green.
  4. Mix up a darker green colour and use a cotton earbud to dab spots all over the flippers and tail.  Allow to dry.
  5. Glue these five pieces to the underside of tub’s rim, as shown in the picture, and your turtle is ready!
  We’re sure you and the kids will be very proud of your handiwork.  Challenge your little ones to come up with other ideas for marine creatures made out of recycled tubs. How about an octopus or a crab? Let us know what you make by leaving a comment below.