These pretty paper angels are easy to make, and need only one stapler or a piece of sticky tape to hold them together. Hang them from the tree, or use them to decorate your festive table! Here is how to make them:

1. Click here to download your free template

2. Print out as many angels as you need. For best results, use A4 lightweight cardboard, although ordinary printer paper will also work.

3. If the kids would like to colour in the angels, use white card. If you’d like plain angels, use any beautiful paper of your choice – how about silver or gold? Ask at your stationery shop! Important note: the paper or card you choose should be the same colour front and back.

4. Cut out the angels before the kids colour them in. Here’s how: cut along the solid black line, all the way around the circle and the ‘scallops’ of the wings. Now cut down between the wings, and all the way around the head. It’s easiest to cut this section using nail scissors – and younger kids may need help.

5. Cut along the two dotted lines.

6. Invite the kids to colour in the angel. Important: because this is a two-sided design, they will need to colour on both sides. Here’s how: the semi-circular area below the dotted lines, and the head, should be coloured in first. Then turn the paper open and colour in the wings (above the dotted lines) on the back of the paper.

7. To fold the angel, hold the edges of the wings with your fingertips. Bend both wings back behind the head, so the angel’s dress begins to form a cone shape. Now, twisting the card as you go, slide the left-hand cut (the one that had the dotted line) deep into the right-hand cut, as shown in the illustration on the template. Line up the two scissor symbols, as shown in the photograph below. Just below the scissor symbols, add a staple, a piece of sticky tape or a dab of glue to hold the angel together.


8. If you’d like to hang your angels from the tree, glue a loop of ribbon to the back of their heads, as shown above.

We’d love to see your Christmas angels! Post pictures of your creations on our Facebook page, or leave a comment below telling us what festive crafts you’ll be making with the kids during the holidays.