Simple ideas for fun family activities

Spending quality time with your children and organising fun family activities is how memories are made, traditions are cultivated and personalities are moulded. Kids are our priority, and we should always find time to spend with them.

Here are ten fun-filled things you can do with your kids that will make your family bond stronger and help you build strong, happy relationships.

1. Go for a family picnic

Grab a picnic basket, a comfortable blanket and some puffy pillows, then take your kids down to the park for a super-fun day! When you’ve finished enjoying the picnic snacks, play hide-and-seek among large trees, or bring along a frisbee, soccer ball or skipping rope for some-action packed exercise. You’ll find a list of wonderful old-fashioned games here

Top tip: Let your little ones decide on what food to take, and encourage them to pack and arrange the picnic basket. Don’t forget to pop in a few NutriDay yoghurts!

2. Build bird feeders

Get crafty and create a bird feeder with your children. There are all sorts of simple designs that are very easy to make, ranging from a model made with a plastic bottle and wooden spoons to hanging seed ‘blocks’ moulded in recycled yoghurt tubs. And here’s an idea we love: a bird feeder made with Lego!

3. Have a ball at Yeesh

If you live in Johannesburg, take a drive with your kids to Yeesh. This indoor play and activity centre is jam-packed with jumping castles, trampolines, play equipment and a maze of fun obstacles that will have your kids smiling from ear to ear.

4. Run riot at Rush

For Jo’burg and Cape Town residents, take your kids to Rush. South Africa’s very own terrific trampoline parks are designed to accommodate both children and adults. Jumping around is such fun for kids – and it’s good exercise too.

5. Play charades

Charades is a fun word-association game that will have the whole family rolling on the floor with laughter. This creative, interactive activity is easy to play, and children so enjoy acting out words, sentences or titles using only movement and actions. To find out how to play charades, click here.

6. Start a band

Start your very own family band. Let your kids come up with a fun and witty name, and assign everyone a role within the band. Whip out the pots, pans and wooden spoons, and give them to the drummer. The lead singer can use a hairbrush for a microphone, and you can make shakers for the percussionist by filling plastic jars with popcorn. Some more ideas for home-made instruments: a kazoo made out of a comb and paper, a guitar made from a cardboard box and rubber bands, and a xylophone made out of water-filled glasses.

7. Create a time capsule

Let your family’s legacy last forever by making your very own time capsule. Ask each member of your family to choose a small item they cherish, plus a picture of themselves. Encourage them each to write a note that explains a little about themselves. Take these amazing pieces and bury them in a sealed, water-tight container somewhere in your garden. You never know who might dig it up in 50 years!

8. Take the dog for a walk, together

Whether it’s just a short trip around the block or a long excursion through your suburb, spend this time finding out as much as you can about your kids. It is moments like these that stick in the minds of children for the rest of their lives.

9. Take a tech ‘time-out’

Set the iPad aside, put away the cell phones and turn off the TV. Then get the whole family excited about spending a full day without electronic gadgets. Kids who are used to spending a lot of time in front of screens may moan at first, but if you can inspire and engage them with alternative, fun-filled activities, they’ll soon join the ‘unplugged party’.Click herefor some great ideas for getting the whole family moving, and here for some fun crafts to make with kids.

10. Go on a family camping trip

Kids love camping. Getting away from their everyday surroundings will do them so much good, as will a change in routine. Being together as a family in the great outdoors is a great opportunity to pass useful skills on to the children – building and cooking over a fire, reading maps, pitching a tent, and so much more.

Top tip: There is no need to travel far distances – how about pitching a tent in your own back garden, building a fire and enjoying a family sing-along under the stars?

How do you spend quality time with your kids? Leave a comment below, or post your adventures on our Facebook wall.